Paloma Lago’s diet to keep weight at bay at 55

We have recorded the healthy habits of Dove Lake. From the age of fifty it is more difficult to maintain a stable weight, especially for women, given that the metabolism changes and with menopause and its hormonal revolutions the body changes and it is increasingly difficult to lose weight. When menopause occurs, the production of thyroid hormone decreases and this causes the metabolism to slow down. Therefore, in order not to gain extra kilos, and enjoy good health, we know that playing sports is vital to take care of yourself both inside and out. And complementing it with a healthy diet is just as important or more to achieve it. Although, yes, not all diets are equally effective or work for everyone; since each person is influenced in her weight by different factors. What is recommended, by health experts, is to customize it to the needs of each one and, if possible, guided and controlled by a nutrition professional. Without a doubt, it is not easy to find the ideal diet, but she has achieved it. The presenter uses her personal account from Instagram to show their fans your sports routines and the food you eat on a daily basis. So she manages to look great on the outside and healthy on the inside at 55 years old. [lista_enlaces] [/lista_enlaces]

Paloma Lago: champion of healthy eating

Among the famous, there are many followers of the ‘healthy’ lifestyle. Among the best known, Paloma. She opts for diets high in protein and carbohydrates. The fundamental thing is to avoid fats, in favor of steamed or grilled foods. Fried foods are not on her menu. one of his tricks fit has always been to start the morning with a satiating and healthy breakfast consisting of protein pancakes, porridges oatmeal with fresh fruit and nuts, seeds, infusions, coconut and banana drinks and, above all, sugar-free products that are as ecological as possible. This combination of ingredients not only helps purify, it is also good for showing off more radiant skin and having vitality for the whole day.

Follower of yoga and guided workouts

The model follows a very motivating Yoga training, in which she performs various exercises to harden and strengthen all, absolutely all, the muscles of our abdomen, that is, straight, external oblique, internal oblique and transverse. In addition, she corrects the posture and improves it. And it helps to improve flexibility Without a doubt, yoga training is one of the disciplines that has more followers. This training method is not only perfect for achieving a more stylized and healthy figure, it also helps to improve and activate blood circulation, helps us relax and improves our mood. Plus, she combines it with guided workouts with a personal trainer several times a week.

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