Pamela Díaz’s Disillusionment with La Botota on Brave Land: A Sincere Conversation on Channel 13’s Reality Show

2023-11-30 02:18:16

Pamela Díaz acknowledged that she was disillusioned with La Botota, in the recent edition of the reality show Brave Land from Channel 13.

It all happened during a sincere conversation with Uriel “El Futuro”, where he highlighted some attitudes that the comedian has had with “La Fiera”.

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“Really, she’s not your friend.”the Dominican told him, to which Díaz admitted: “I have it very clear.”

In that context, Pamela acknowledged that Botota’s attitude bothered her when she returned to the ranch after her elimination.

“She came back, and ‘La Chama’ went up to hug her”she remarked, annoyed.

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“I had seen her a week ago peeling me off, and I told her: ‘Botota, look at my face. Don’t let me down’”Diaz revealed.

Likewise, he commented that he would have an honest conversation with the transformer.

“Tomorrow I’m going to tell him: ‘Bototita, you know what? Don’t shit on me in any way, because I am a very loyal woman.’. She knows what I’m like when she gives me time… For me people are dead“, Pamela concluded.

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