Pancho Rodríguez received a notarized letter from Yahaira Plasencia Chilean VIDEO was rectified live after a salsera warning On everyone’s lips entertainment | SHOWS

He returned to Peru after spending nine months in Chile due to problems he had with Immigration. The reality boy appeared on the “On everyone’s lips” program where he reported that I had sent him a notarized letter.

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I am asked to rectify at the national level because some time ago I was on Lady Guillén’s program called ‘Dilo alto’, and I was asked to rectify it. However, I do not understand much of what I have to rectify. For me, this is something new, I have never mentioned her.”He commented in front of cameras.

Pancho Rodríguez is rectified after receiving a notarial letter from Yahaira Plasencia

Given this, he mentioned that he would do it in the Tula Rodríguez, Maju Mantilla and Ricardo Rondón program. “Rectify myself that I ever said something in which she felt alluded to (…) made her uncomfortable (…) I correct myself for everything I said on Lady’s program”he indicated.

Similarly, the reality boy stressed that he no longer wants to talk about the subject of Yahaira Plasencia. “I have nothing to talk about it, Tula. That is already a closed episode. I am already rectifying myself, what is asked of me here (notarial letter) and it is an issue that remains here”ended.

Pancho Rodríguez returns to “This is war”

Before his return, Rodríguez has already returned to compete in the program “This is war”, where his companions received him excitedly.

“It has been nine months of struggle, nine very difficult months, but God’s timing is perfect. Today I am here and I want people to see that whenever you want, you can, from the hand of God you can always do it. Never give up trying to fulfill your dreams. Today I am here because God wanted it, ”she sentenced.


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