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GTA 6 could cost $2 billion

by archyde

Grand Theft Auto’s next installment could become the most expensive game in history. A week after the arrest of the Rockstar hacker, private messages have leaked and sow doubt.

A few days after the arrest of hacker TeaPot, responsible for leaking GTA 6 gameplay on social networks, new data has been revealed. According to the young pirate, Take-Two Interactive, parent company of Rockstar, has already invested $2 billion in the new installment of the GTA franchise.

An exorbitant cost

If the information is true, the sixth installment of Rockstar’s golden egg franchise will become the most expensive game in history. However, it could very well be a misinterpretation on the part of the hacker.

As Derek Strickland, a recognized journalist in the world of video games, reminds us on Twitter, this sum probably does not represent the money invested so far, but the overall budget of the project. It also points to the four pillars surrounding the expenditure of these 2 billion: development, marketing, adding new content, and managing the online mode.

Beyond the question of budget distribution, it is also necessary to take the measure of what such an amount represents. The film produced with the biggest budget is Avengers: Infinity War which is around 420 million dollars. Even the series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, already considered to be the most expensive in history, “only” manages to reach one billion.

Moment of madness

Customary of big budget productions, Rockstar is nevertheless able to surprise his world. A quick look at the latest games developed by the studio makes this clear. On the budget podium, two of their projects: Grand Theft Auto 5 and Read Dead Redemption 2. Respectively 265 million and 800 million dollars (Editor’s note: unofficial figures for RDR2).

In view of these figures, it is therefore not unthinkable that Take-Two Interactive has allocated this budget of 2 billion to Rockstar. Especially since the investment will undoubtedly pay for itself very quickly. In 2013, it took just one week for GTA 5 to top 1 billion in revenue. Not to mention that, five years later, the specialized site MarketWatch revealed that the game has become the most profitable title in history with more than 6 billion dollars reported.

By way of comparison, the film Avatar, first in the cinema ranking, brought in half as much…

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