Pang Nakarin “smashed through 10 million views on YouTube, shouting loudly, representing the hearts of single people.

The podium became a hit song. The hottest that singles are given to be number one. Done for the song “Why are you crushing?” of the big rocker “Pang- Nakarin Kingsak” Although turned into an independent artist working on music without a label Posted in a small channel Youtube : Kamin Kingsak’s daughter, but this minute is not stopping, can’t hold it anymore. With the content of the song and the music video shouting for single people when they meet relatives, friends ask why they don’t have a partner. Or not married by the song “Why crush” picked up and said in a curly, teasing way to make me smile (don’t say it!!) that every sentence is satisfying, instead of single people across the country Until making it now hit! The number of views on YouTube has exceeded 10 million views!! It’s done and it’s the hottest hit on TikTok. Which has been played for more than 5 hundred thousand clips, can be called both singing, dancing, creating smiles for sympathizers Access to all genders, all ages, feel relaxed and satisfied according to Pang’s purpose… by P’Pang posted a message of thanks saying…

“ Touched 10 million views … Thank you.. Sani Pompam, Rassamee, Aunt Anna and all the actors who came to make smiles and laughter … Director of MV Aof and the Manoh team at Pay attention to details … Son and the team that coordinate very well …Khun X Khun Yod from Deo Klear who supported the creation of this MV … Meticulous team of musicians and recording studio … Peng designed Beautiful cover…. and all my friends and fans, thank you.”

Did you know: “Why crush” choreography that crushes sympathizers choreography by Pang-Nakarin

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