Pangal Andrade showed off on Instagram with a photograph from the tub

A couple of days ago, the former reality boy Pangal Andrade announced on his social networks that he would take his well-deserved vacation with his girlfriend Melina Noto.

Both began their journey in Pichilemu and are currently in Riñihue, located in the Los Lagos region.

In fact, the couple has been sharing various records of their romantic getaway on their social networks.

“In the absence of termites”

However, now Pangal surprised with a southern-style party, making a lamb roast and with an artisan yacusi.

In this context, Andrade turned on the networks after sharing a photograph on his platform taking a bath in the starlight, in the middle of nature and revealing his physical work.

“In the absence of termites, well, what is not lacking is imagination,” Pangal wrote next to his photograph where we see him in an improvised tub in the heat of firewood.

As expected, after its publication, the reality boy received hundreds of compliments from his followers.

“The water looks dark… Or does it have miraculous herbs to have that great body”, “Now, but who was a tub”, “What humility, I loved it”, “That is life, who said that to have a good time you had to have comforts”, are some of the messages he received.

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