Paolo Guerrero will be cited by the Brazilian Justice for Flamengo’s millionaire lawsuit VIDEO asks for 350 million dollars AvaíFC | SPORTS

WHAT HAPPENED? Paolo Guerrero, the new figure of Avail FC of florianopoliswould be about to receive bad news on the Brazilian island, when in the next few days a notification from the Brazilian Justice arrives at the club’s offices, for the attacker to travel to Rio de Janeiro and comply with a subpoena in your pending trial with Flamengo.

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The journalist and columnist of ‘’, Ancelmo Goisconfirmed that in the next few hours he would arrive at the club’s headquarters Avail FC a summons so that the ‘Predator‘ can testify before the Eighth Civil Chamber of Rio de Janeiro on the case of non-pecuniary damage filed by the ‘Mengao’ and for which he hopes to receive financial compensation from the Peruvian player.

The club has requested that Paolo Guerrero return an amount close to 350 thousand dollars (1.8 million reais) for image rights and not having played during the time he was sanctioned by the FIFA after testing positive benzoilecgoninaa metabolite derived from cocaine and be sanctioned for one year.

Paolo Guerrero: His best postcards with Flamengo (Photo: Flamengo)

Paolo Guerrero appealed the first ruling in favor of Flamengo

The carioca team assures that the player did not fulfill his commitments with the club after Swiss it was decided to reduce his sanction to six months and that allowed the ‘Predator’ to play the World Cup Russia 2018 with the peruvian national team.

In May 2022, the Justice of Brazil gave the reason to the lawyers of Flamengowho demanded Paolo Guerrero the return of the sum demanded, but this resolution in the first instance was appealed by the defense of the former captain of the peruvian national team and today the judge in charge of the case has requested the testimony of the current player of Avail FC.

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Paolo Guerrero He ended his contractual relationship with the Rio de Janeiro team in October 2018, rejecting a possible renewal with “Mengao”, because he already had an agreement with Inter de Porto Alegre. A situation similar to the one he experienced after leaving Corinthians.

His last months with the ‘colorado’ team were also conflictive until his right knee injury caused him to International terminate contract a few weeks from the end.

Paolo Guerrero finds out about Alondra’s kiss with a new heartthrob

Lark Garcia Miro continues to be news in Peru and for Paolo Guerrero in Brazil, from where he found out that his ex-lover spends her nights partying having fun with a mysterious hunk in the luxurious and paradisiacal beach of Ibiza, Spain.

The program ‘love and fire‘ shared images of the ‘Ojiverde’ where he seems to kiss the mysterious heartthrob in the middle of the crowd that attended the show. However, in the images it is not clearly seen that they have kissed. What can be seen is that there is a rapprochement between the two, as they appear conversing with another friend.

Paolo Guerrero and his disqualification after testing positive for doping

In 2017, Paolo Guerrero was sanctioned by the FIFA Disciplinary Committee “for having tested positive for a prohibited substance.”

However, the player would have been the accidental victim of “cross contamination” with coca tea in a hotel in Lima where the team was staying.


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