Parents of Loesje (7) after fatal accident: “If the driver is having a hard time, he can call us” | Inland

A terraced house in the center of the Antwerp municipality of Schoten. There are two drawings hanging against the window, on which the name ‘Loes’ is written in rainbow colors. Next to it is a candle. Nobody knows who put it there. It may be the same person who comes to light them early every morning. At the beginning of this week, another five-person family lived in this house: daddy André, mommy Nathalie and their three children. Ella, eight years old. Loesje, seven years old. Lenn, four years old. Today there are only four of them. Loesje is no longer there. Wednesday, hit by a car, while she was on her way to school with her beautiful blue bicycle.

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