Park Shin-yang “I can’t stand for even 30 minutes a day”… What is this ‘disease’ he suffers from?

2024-02-24 14:17:23

[셀럽헬스] Actor Park Shin-yang confesses to having hyperthyroidism

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Actress Park Shin-yang appeared on a variety show for the first time in seven years and revealed that she suffers from hyperthyroidism. [사진= tvN ‘유 퀴즈 온 더 블럭’]Actress Park Shin-yang appeared on a variety show for the first time in seven years and confessed that she suffers from hyperthyroidism.

On tvN’s ‘You Quiz on the Block’ broadcast on the 21st, Park Shin-yang revealed that her health had recently deteriorated after working as a painter for 10 years. Park Shin-yang said, “At first, I thought I could overcome hyperthyroidism with mental strength, but as it got worse, I couldn’t stand for 30 minutes a day.”

He added, “At that time, I thought that after two, three, or four years, I would never wake up again.” He added, “I thought that my body was very finite, nothing special, and flimsy.” Then, when Yoo Jae-seok asked if he had recovered now, he answered, “I’m getting better.”

A condition of excessive secretion of thyroid hormones… I lost weight and had to go to the bathroom more often.

Hyperthyroidism, which Park Shin-yang suffers from, is a condition in which hormones (T3 and T4) secreted by the thyroid gland are excessively secreted. The thyroid gland sends thyroid hormones into the blood to help the heart and gastrointestinal tract move and is involved in maintaining body temperature. It regulates our body’s metabolism and helps all organs in the body perform their functions properly. It leads to brain development and growth in fetuses and children.

If your thyroid gland is overactive, you will be in a state of overflowing energy. Our body produces more energy than it needs to function normally. Even though you eat as usual, you may lose weight or have active bowel movements, causing you to go to the bathroom frequently. Women may have irregular menstrual cycles.

It affects your heart and makes you sweat a lot… Can be confirmed with a blood test

There may also be abnormalities in cardiac activity, causing the pulse to become faster. There is a possibility that it may lead to arrhythmia and heart failure. Arrhythmia is an irregular heartbeat, and heart failure is a decrease in heart function. The energy left over from physical activity is dissipated in the form of heat, which can easily make you feel hot.

Hyperthyroidism usually occurs in people in their 50s and 60s. It mainly occurs in women, but like Park Shin-yang, men can also suffer from hyperthyroidism. If you sweat abnormally a lot and cannot stand the heat, or if you lose weight for no reason, it is a good idea to suspect hyperthyroidism. Hyperthyroidism can be easily confirmed with a blood test. Treatment is done by suppressing thyroid function by taking anti-thyroid drugs or radioactive iodine. If symptoms are severe, the thyroid may need to be removed.

Meanwhile, hypothyroidism, which is the opposite of hyperthyroidism, is a condition in which there is a lack of thyroid hormones. Symptoms such as gaining weight and feeling cold appear.

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