Starknet and Meme Kombat: The Secrets to Their Success and Future Potential

2024-02-24 19:09:54

Starknet was able to achieve amazing success even though the STRK tokens were listed less than a week ago. The altcoin and its success seems to continue, as STRK has already appeared in the Binance crypto exchange.

Since Starknet is one of the most talked about Ethereum scaling solutions, the just announced listing may also affect projects using the layer 2 protocol.

This is also the star of the previous months, who collected 10 million dollars in the pre-sale Kombat memes. According to many, after its release, in light of its success so far, MK can be included in the offer of the largest DEXs.

Starknet’s capitalization is at a record high

Understandably, after hearing the news, the size of Starknet jumped, so now the project has a market capitalization of more than 1.6 billion dollars.

During the listing, not only spot USDT, but also BTC, FDUSD and TRY became available.

One of the keys to success was undoubtedly the huge amount of tokens allocated for airdrops.

To be precise, 700 million STRK of the total stock of 900 million tokens were created exclusively for this purpose.

The creators primarily want to reward those members of the community who participated in the early stages of development and who create various open source dApps.

In addition, of course, investors can also expect a reward for their loyalty.

However, it is good to know that according to current legislation, STRK is not available from the United States.

However, thanks to the amazing Tokenomics and the community behind the project, Starknet will definitely be able to maintain its initial momentum.

Although it was possible to see a gap of almost 50 percent after the listing, this was quickly corrected.

Starkent may be the number one Ethereum scaling solution

In a very simple summary, Starknet has a role in validating Ethereum transactions.

It can make STRK faster and cheaper at the same time ERC-20 transactions.

The essence of the system is the so-called “STARK proofs”, which is significantly safer compared to other protocols, so it can be safely used in the long term.

Furthermore, the creators have created their own programming language, Cairo, which makes it easy to create applications.

However, unlike other layer-2 scaling projects, Starknet has remained completely decentralized.

Thus, development for the Ethereum network becomes extremely flexible for developers, while they can also enjoy the benefits of Starknet.

Currently, STRK can handle 500 transactions per second, but the developers aim to reach millions. Based on our knowledge so far and the determination of the creators, this does not seem impossible at all.

If the Binance listing goes as expected and the coin really lives up to expectations, then Starknet may soon become an important part of the crypto sector.

The goal of Meme Kombat has been fulfilled, can MK really be on Binance?

While Starknet may be basking in the limelight right now, that may soon change.

In just 3 months a Kombat memes its creators managed to reach their goal of $10 million in revenue. Thanks to this, the ERC-20 MK tokens will also be listed within a minimum time.

Buy MK here

Contrary to its name, however, Meme Kombat is not at all my crypto. The project is able to combine on- and off-chain transactions, artificial intelligence and high rewards.

Not to mention that investors can earn income in several different ways.

Thus, it was possible to tie up the purchased MK already during the pre-sale, with which it was possible to collect an annual reward higher than 100 percent.

In addition to automatic earnings, you can also earn additional income by betting on exciting battles between meme tokens.

These will be conducted by an AI, and users can place their bets on the winner and on certain elements of the clashes.

Understandably, recognizing the high return potential and the potential inherent in unique games, many famous YouTubers also got behind the project.

For example, Michael Wrubel with 310,000 subscribers. According to the analyst/trader a For Meme Kombat it has every chance to experience up to 100x growth after listing.

However, in the current period, it is good to know that you still have the opportunity to buy. Through the website, which is also available in Hungarian, you can get the tokens for $0.279 using ETH, USDT or BNB.

However, you only have 10 days to do so, so if you’ve delayed joining until then, you don’t have much time to take action.

Although there is no information available yet about the exchanges that list MK, many people are speculating that MK may even be included in Binance’s offer.

If you are hunting for good opportunities that promise high income both in the short and long term, it would be a crime to miss Meme Kombat.

I’ll check out the Meme Kombat site

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