Taiwan stock market capitalization rankings are undergoing a major reshuffle!ASE edged out UMC and entered the top 10, Chunghwa Electronics overtook Quanta.

2024-02-23 10:24:50

There is a major reshuffle among the top ten stocks in Taiwan by market capitalization! The silicon products of ASE Investment Holdings (3711), the domestic semiconductor packaging and testing leader, were named one of the “9 Superheroes” by NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang. Its stock price rose another 3% this morning, and its market value has reached 620.3 billion yuan, surpassing UMC in one fell swoop. (2330)’s 603.3 billion yuan, ranking among the top 10 heroes in Taiwan’s stock market by market capitalization! Chunghwa Telecom (2412), which announced that its group’s market capitalization will become the fourth company with a market capitalization of over one trillion yuan, has surpassed Quanta (2382) for three consecutive days and remains the fourth strongest company in the Taiwan stock market.

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The top ten market capitalization rankings of Taiwan stocks have been reshuffled!ASE edged out UMC and entered the top 10, Chunghwa Electronics overtook Quanta.

Rise silently!ASE’s stock price has risen by more than 80% since November 2022

ASE is the world’s largest packaging and testing factory. When Huang Renxun was at the beginning of the company, he named 9 partners in Taiwan as superstars, which was tantamount to endorsing the stock price. Among them, ASE’s silicon products were also named by him, but in fact, ASE’s stock price has quietly risen from 80 yuan at the end of October 2022, to a maximum of 144 yuan in February this year, an increase of as much as 80%.

Suihuida’s stock price soared 16% to a record high, coupled with yesterday’s announcement of spending 2.1 billion yuan to acquire Infineon’s two packaging and testing plants in South Korea and the Philippines, the merger and acquisition theme has fermented. Today (23), Yueguang’s stock price rose by more than 2%, intraday The highest reached 143 yuan. Although it did not break through the previous high of 144 yuan, UMC fell by nearly 1% during the same period. Between rises and falls, ASE’s market value actually “overtook” UMC with 620.3 billion yuan, ranking among the top 10 in Taiwan’s stock market.

ASE Investment Holdings is expanding its overseas production layout. On the 22nd, it announced that it will acquire two back-end packaging and testing plants of chip maker Infineon in the Philippines and South Korea for more than NT$2.1 billion to expand power chip molds for automotive and industrial automation applications. Combining packaging and testing and lead frame packaging, the two transactions are expected to be completed by the end of the second quarter at the earliest. This acquisition is mainly to increase ASE Semiconductor’s production capacity, meet Infineon’s subsequent order needs, and continue the long-term strategic partnership between the two parties. In addition, it is also reported that ASE is actively expanding production in Singapore, Malaysia and other places in order to cooperate with international integrated component manufacturers (IDM) and wafer foundry customers. In the future, it is not ruled out that it will continue to expand the production capacity of the Penang plant in Malaysia depending on the situation.

UMC only recovers moderately, stock price is bullish but does not rise

Unlike AI stocks, whose stock prices have been flying like jets recently, UMC hit a high of 52.3 yuan in late January and has since fallen. Although it was recently reported that Intel announced in January that it would cooperate with UMC on a 12nm process platform, it shocked the semiconductor industry. However, the stock price fell instead of rising. The stock price closed at 48.15 yuan today.

UMC previously stated in its statement that although customers remain cautious about inventory, it expects wafer demand to gradually pick up. It estimates that wafer shipments in the first quarter will increase by 2 to 3% quarter-to-quarter, but the average selling price (ASP) in U.S. dollars Affected by the one-time price cut, the quarterly decrease will be 5%, and the gross profit margin will be reduced to about 30%. “This year’s operations and the semiconductor industry will recover moderately.” There is a lack of explosive growth themes. The stock price is also difficult to perform due to the crowding out effect of funds. It is a painful loss. The throne of brother with market value of 10.

The chairman of Chunghwa Electronics proudly shouted that “Assembled products are not as good as the original ones.” The market value target exceeds one trillion yuan.

Chunghwa Telecom delivered a brilliant earnings per share (EPS) of 4.76 yuan last year, a six-year high. Chairman Guo Shuiyi also declared that “the market value is worth trillions.” He said that Chunghwa Telecom’s major task in 2024 is to “double exceed the standard and double grow” in revenue and profit, and challenge a new high in 7 years, so that the “trillion yuan market value” goal is within easy reach. He has always disagreed with the idea that the new three telecom giants in the market are “three strong forces” and once again said that “assembly is not as good as the original.” Chunghwa Telecom has a large share capital and is indeed leading the way in market capitalization. As of today, the market capitalization is 946.4 billion yuan, which is far from the trillion-dollar mark. The market capitalization target is only a 5.6% increase, and it is indeed not difficult to achieve the target.

Quanta has hit a high price of 273 yuan since its opening day in the Year of the Golden Dragon. However, there are still many investors on the “cap plateau” between 270 and 280 yuan, and many investors are waiting for unwinding or low-end flats. Stop losses or take profits first, so the stock price fluctuates a lot. This morning, when the God of AI soared to a new high price, Quanta, a related concept stock, experienced high-level shocks and consolidation, and finally fell to eliminate too many chips, and appeared The precipitation and consolidation pattern has allowed Chunghwa Telecom to overtake and retreat to the fifth largest market value.

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