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The second day of discussion in the Parliament on the marriage and childbearing of same-sex couples is underway, in the context of the bill of the Minister of State Akis Skertsou “Equality in civil marriage, amendment of the Civil Code and other provisions”.

Parliament: The bill for same-sex couples passed with 176 “YES” – Kyriakos Mitsotakis: “Goal achieved”

Mitsotakis to Hieronymus: Or priest priest or married couple – Our relations with the Church will not be disturbed

The political leaders have already been appointed, as has Kyriakos Mitsotakis. The prime minister invoked the founding declaration of the ND in order to… plead with the MPs to vote for the bill.

Addressing the ND dissenters in a harsh tone, he emphasized that “to those who are worried about our own area, let me remind them, let me remind us, about the core of our ideology, what our founding declaration, written 50 years ago, said. To always consider all citizens, not only equal before the laws but also with equal rights. To preserve from tradition, said our founding declaration, what time has proven useful. And finally to advance with bold and safe steps in the new and constantly evolving ones”.

Samaras for same-sex couples: Our faction should not have brought this bill – The Church’s right to speak its mind was revoked

What happens in parliamentary groups

Among others, Maximos Harakopoulos, Anna Karamanli, Andreas Katsaniotis, Miltos Chrysomallis, Kostas Karagounis, Evripidis Stylianidis, Charalambos Athanasiou, Theodoros Karaoglou, Fotini Arabatzi, Marios Salmas, Fondas are leading the opposition in the government camp. Baraliakos and others.

Maximou on the fiery speech Samaras: No comment

Among others, Makis Voridis, ND parliamentary representative Thanos Plevris, Angelos Syrigos, Yiannis Oikonomou, Dimitris Markopoulos, Yiannis Kallianos are expected to choose to abstain, while it remains to be seen whether three deputy ministers will ultimately do the same (Yiannis Bougas, Maria Kefala and Yiannis Kefalogiannis) or whether there will be “positive” surprises for the governing majority.

Kasselakis for Samaras: Imagine a former prime minister of any party other than ERE saying “same-sex marriage is not a human right”

According to information from blue sources, up to 48 ND MPs’ disagreements are estimated but it remains to be seen exactly how they are expressed

SYRIZA-PS believe that there will be no leaks from its parliamentary group. Besides, Sokratis Famellos announced yesterday that the main opposition party requested a roll call vote, as did the “Spartiates” and “Niki” parties. The intervention of archbishop Hieronymos, who also asked for a roll call vote, also made a strong impression.

Iliopoulos: Antonis Samaras highlighted today why Mitsotakis is a hypocrite

SYRIZA – PS European policy advisor Nikos Farandouris, speaking today to MEGA, underlined that “there will be no leaks. This story ended with the unanimous filing of a draft law 2 months ago. Deputies are honored to take a stand. Abstention is a parliamentary slippage and I see it as a paradox.”

However, there have been reactions in the past period from Pavlos Polakis and Nina Kasimati, and it remains to be seen what their final stance will be.

Same-Sex Couples: Fr Bibila’s Personal Statement That Received Cross-Party Applause – ‘I Cryed Secretly Because I Had Something To Hide’

In PASOK-KINAL, they expect to see the final number of abstentions and/or countervotes.

“We believe that the majority of our MPs will vote for it. It’s a matter of conscience and in everyone’s private sphere, that’s why party discipline was not imposed”, PASOK-KINAL press representative Thanasis Glavinas told MEGA.

As far as the other parties are concerned, “Pleisi Eleftherias” and “New Left” are expected to vote in favor, while KKE, “Niki”, “Spartiates” and “Hellenic Solution” will vote against.

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