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Mammootty’s birthday is on September 7. A feature published in the August 1999 issue of Chitrabhoomi Onapathip shows the actor visiting his home in Chennai.

CWatching Mammootty outside of Nima, it seems that there is no other interesting work. Especially for a first timer. Have you heard that this man’s mood is often varied? The curiosity will increase tenfold if you keep in mind what you have written down as presumptuous, arrogant, restless.

The glimpse of curiosity started when Mammootty, in a t-shirt and bermudas, sat on a porch armchair with his cell phone in hand, as he walked into the Chennai Salmanman at 2 pm. When introduced, Mammootty greeted us with his usual gap-toothed filmy smile. Mammootty leans back in the armchair as if it is another interview. What can you ask a person who was full of interviews and writings in the media for the past ten years? Mammootty flips through magazines. ‘Nah, tell me, what is the angle’ – the National Award winner who has been hounded by the media from all angles is asking. Mammootty again (I heard that Mammootty lacks sense of humor is wrong at first). ‘No, there is nothing to ask. All the questions have been asked by many people in the last few days’ – writer’s confession.

Mammootty shakes his head with a small smile as if he knows, then. ‘Let’s talk about cough. Then let’s take some photos’ – writer. ‘Don’t take any photos’ – Mammootty, who was taken before he could finish. We may wonder if this is a jada forest. No, Mammootty is seriously talking to someone. Fingers in hair, leaning and leaning and laughing. . . This Mammootty is written about as hot and inflexible. I remembered Chanthu who used to say ‘everything I heard is right and wrong’. Anyway, Mammootty is now calm enough to mention. Awards, media coverage, days with family could all be the reason. “I don’t have any work now,” says Mammootty. ‘Kandukondane Kandukondane is almost complete. Rest till the start of Lohitadas’ film at Ottapalam. Visiting the homes of friends like Jayaram and Mohanlal, doing farm work… Mammootty is enjoying a short break. ‘Tachiledath Chundan’ is spreading in Kerala. And Ambedkar
Getting recognition in a film like Is Mammootty in a special moment of acting? Let’s face Mammootty by asking something related to this.

‘ I have a character, a mannerism. When I act according to the nature of the character, it becomes acting. For that I have to sacrifice my body and voice. This is how Chudan and Ambedkar change into characters. There is no other difference.’

? Are the characters expected from Mammootty like those in Stalin Sivadas, Yyupunantharakan and Thachiledathu Chundan?

* The audience knows what they want. The audience has its own views and decisions. Some people will come to speak from the audience. They are the troublemakers. The audience is really poor. They have no abiding love or hatred for anyone or anything. But there are views that are imposed on the audience. Some of the predicated concepts. That’s the problem.’

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Is Mammootty blaming journalists? This is not written for the average audience. Is that not the way to ask?’ Mammootty snapped before asking. ‘Then you understand who I meant’ Mammootty continued with a burst of laughter – ‘No one should take the part of the audience, you are journalists and we are filmmakers.’

Producer M. Mani comes up. Informal news, Mammootty and Mani talk inside the house. If Mammootty came on the chair and wrote ‘Pallavoor Devanarayanan’, the poster would be full. And where will the main actor be placed?’ ‘Oh, well, who doesn’t know that Mammootty is among the Pallavas’ – laughs Mani. Tea has arrived. After drinking tea, Mani left the house.
Now Mammootty is lighting the third cigarette. A packet is taken from a Toyota Land Cruiser resting on the porch, lit and smoked.
‘No, after Mammootty said he doesn’t smoke cigarettes at home…’
‘The housewife is pulling without seeing. It is not carried inside the house.’

? Cinema is a field that can slip into many materialistic pleasures, how Mammootty managed to maintain morality and clean image for so long without getting involved in any serious gossips (This question was completed after many interventions by Mammootty. The first part of the question was preceded by the entire answer, ‘That possibility is not in cinema, but in every field’. during the second part)

* A movie is a scene that everyone notices. Any small incident here will be exaggerated. Be careful of those around you because everyone is paying attention. And, my morality, I don’t consider it a skill. It is enough to think that it is a method, a characteristic.

? Has your relationship with your family helped?

* I am happy with my family. I am getting married right before entering the film. The girl I know is my wife and she knows me. I didn’t feel like turning my mind anywhere else.

Mammootty said, ‘Can’t we have another tea?’ Director Jayaraj’s phone call ‘Oh, it’s nice to be like this. Keep playing movies outside. Let us be comfortable here’ – Mammootty begins.
The sun is fading outside. Mammootty posed for a photo on the lawn in the same costume that he was wearing without even a single hair curl. ‘What was your perception of Mammootty before coming here?’ Mammootty’s question to the reporter meeting for the first time. Answered what I read. ‘Well, I’m in different moods at different times. I don’t like it if someone else comes in while we are talking’ – says Mammootty. Taking the camera from the photographer, Mammootty takes a picture of a grape vine. ‘Will grapes grow in this climate? How is care? ‘ – writer’s doubt. “I will come and sing the song” – Mammootty immediately.
‘Family photo also needed’ – our demand.
‘Don’t take a family’ – no joke this time. When Mammootty showed the pictures in a publication, ‘Someone took them for a wedding. We can’t do anything.’ Mammootty is back in the chair

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?Mammootty is an actor who grew up studying acting after coming to the movies.

* May be. I do not claim so. Learning to act is a process of trial and error. I learned the technique of film acting later.

?Then the concept of the bone actor?

*All are bona fide actors. Or can’t act but there is a moment to realize the ability to act. The time when we discover talent ourselves or someone else. It is important.

?Cinema acting has changed a lot from the old days

*It is due to the change of subjects. The movie escaped from the play. In the past, the audience needed exaggerated movements and looks to understand. Later, the sensitivity of the audience increased. Light movements and looks are enough for expression. This is because the audience has grown accordingly. If all the old actors had acted in this era, they would have acted like this.

?About the constant complaint that Mammootty can’t do certain types of roles like dance…?

* That is the concept that I mentioned earlier. My dance is correct. Step and style everything. But the problem is the problem of the cases where it occurs in the film. My dance comes when the audience least expects it. After dancing with Mohanlal in ‘Harikrishnansi’, there would have been no problem if they had made me dance. Dance is for everyone. I will give in too. Cinedance is not Bharatnatyam and Kathakali. Why am I a King Kong or a body builder to not give in to dance? And if I write that Mammootty should not dance, I can’t do anything.

?Does the role of an arch-villain have immense acting potential?

* Such is the subject. If you give me more, I will act. Those who have the courage to take it should come.

A phone call now and then. ‘Oh, there is Mammootty. Who is speaking? If you tell me the name, I can give it.’ After hearing the answer, Mammootty hangs up the phone ‘I’m too lazy to say the name.’ Mammootty gets up and brings some photographs. Pictures of landscapes and other things taken while traveling abroad. ‘It would have been better if we got pictures with the Mammootty family.’ ‘I knew you would ask. Isn’t that what those pictures show you’ – Mammootty.

Salman alias Shalu, whose son is studying in class 11, takes a bat and goes out to play shuttle. When asked for a photo with Vapichi, he refuses with shy meekness. The servant boy comes and says that someone has come to see him. Agathan has come saying that he has relations with someone. Mammootty- ‘Nah, tell me there is no time now. If you want to see Mammootty, it is not enough to say that you want to see Mammootty. Why do you say relationship and own…’

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?Mammooty’s age is the media’s favorite subject?

*I am not that old. You know, Srinivasan is older than me. Jagdish is also over 40 years old.

?And the envy of seeing this face and body?

Mammootty invites to see the house. “If we close the camera and put it in a box, we can see home theater”. Mammootty’s silence is that he can’t take photos. Mammootty’s photos and portraits on the walls of the room. The tall beds in the fireplace are reminiscent of the past. When Mammootty mentions it – ‘We are an old man’. Here’s the home theater upstairs. Spacious room. In front of the screen, the projector, a few very short armchairs in the middle of the room. Cassette. The movie is starting. The theater shook with the sound of ‘Lethal Weapon 4’. Small pieces of art and photos along the walls. A photo of Mammootty with his father and mother. Opening a side room: ‘Here, this is Mammootty’s last bed’. Mammootty while coming down – ‘Did you see anything related to cinema in all these rooms? no Now it’s over there. Mammootty’s office room. A shelf full of awards, certificates and memorabilia. Computer on the desk, Padma Shri honor on the wall. ‘It may be a photo placed here’. – Mammootty did not object when asked. Back to the porch armchair.

‘This is not my target. I do not stand in my imagination and dreams. From a perspective, it was not even what I dreamed of. I am taller now than I ever dreamed when we were nothing. Let’s look down from this height and calm down, okay? But my current dreams are different. This is not a goal like stepping on the moon. what is that . . A drive, thrive, erg…feeling like there’s a lot to go. . . . The effort is to continue the journey. It is not necessary to sit in the shade of a tree and take samadhi saying that the goal has been achieved.’

Mammootty also gives a piece of advice. This man proved it with his own life. Was it the joy of starting a ‘celebrity’ friendship or the joy of watching a great Mammootty film on the world friendship day when Salman came down the steps at 6:30? The curiosity remains as to how Mammootty will be in the next film. . . . This man harbors a secret intrigue. How will he be in a close environment? Friendship, Prejudice or Discomfort…

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