PEAK leaves the Municipal Authority for misunderstanding! – 2024-04-15 20:28:35

The announcement of PEAK states the following:

“The scheduled competitive obligations of teams in “D. Tofalos” do not allow the World Muay Thai Championship to be held at the specific sports facility of PEAK Patras.

Unfortunately, this development could have been avoided if the Municipal Authority and the Sports Federation had taken care to inform the Management Committee of PEAK Patras in a timely manner and as planned. Despite this and without the required notification, the Municipal Authority, through the responsible Deputy Mayor, announced the holding of the World Championship for the period from May 31 to June 10 in Patras, bypassing any cooperation process.

Perhaps we should remind them that “D. Tofalos” does not belong to the Municipal Authority, but is managed by the PEAK of Patras. We undoubtedly want Patras to host major sports events and we have proven this throughout the previous period. But not casually and arbitrarily, with attitudes that brutally offend, questioning the work of the Administration of PEAK Patras. At last in this city we can get alonghuh!”.

Let’s see what the Municipal Authority will answer about this very serious matter.

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