Pedro Alfonso and Paula Chaves showed the unusual gift they gave Baltazar for his 6th birthday

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On Sunday October 02, Balthazar Alfonso celebrated his 6th birthday. As revealed Paula Chaves y Peter Alfonso On their social networks, they organized a spectacular little party attended by family and friends of the birthday boy.

At the bottom of a few photos they took during the celebration, Paula dedicated a heartfelt message to the little boy in the family. “Happy life, my baby. You are so magical… So special… So intense, affectionate, bandit“, he began writing.

He also added: “I hope I have good health to see you unfold in your life how spectacular you are, Balta. No one more generous, loving and funny than you. Thank you for changing my life six years ago. I dreamed of you so much, my love. I love you forever“.

After revealing some details of the birthday, Paula and Pedro showed the unusual gift they gave Baltazar. “The godfather’s gift… And as if that weren’t enough“Wrote the producer above a video in which the boy is seen showing that he was given the mask of an evil clown.

Then Peter uploaded a recording in which his wife is seen revealing that in addition to the mask they gave him a kind of bloody sword. “On whose head can you give him a scythe? What is this? A saber with blood gave him“, Paula is heard saying.


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