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Pele’s sister said that their mother did not know about the death of the world football legend. She was not informed that her son had died of cancer.

Pele’s sister takes care of the 100-year-old mother, Celeste, and she was not told that her son, the famous soccer player, died after suffering from colon cancer.

And press reports indicated that Pele’s mother’s house is on the road that the funeral organizers planned before the football legend was buried.

Pele’s sister, Maria, said in an interview, “We talk to each other, but she does not know the situation. She is in her own world.”

She added that she “opens her eyes when I mention his name, and says we will pray for him, but she doesn’t really understand what I’m saying.”

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Pele died at the age of 82 at the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo on December 28, after a long battle against colon cancer.

Pele’s mother celebrated her 100th birthday last month, and Pele congratulated her on his Instagram account.

On Tuesday, Pele will be buried in a 14-storey cemetery in the center of Santos, the place where he played most of his matches, and he will be transferred from the hospital where he died to the Villa Belmero stadium in Santos, so that the fans can bid farewell to the legend.

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