Pelosi condemns Azerbaijan’s attacks on Armenia



September 18, 2022 16:51

Today, Sunday, US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi denounced from Yerevan the recent attacks by Azerbaijan on Armenia, where she is visiting, following border clashes that took place this week between Baku and Yerevan.

“We strongly condemn these attacks, on behalf of the US Congress,” Pelosi confirmed in a press conference in the Armenian capital, accusing Azerbaijan of being the party that ignited the recent clashes that threaten, according to Pelosi, “the possibility of reaching a peace agreement if necessary.”

“Armenia has a special significance for us because of the focus that was given to the security aspect after the bloody illegal attacks by Azerbaijan on Armenian territory,” she added.

On Tuesday, the fiercest clashes erupted between the two countries since the 2020 war, killing 215 people, before ending Thursday night with international mediation.

The two sides exchange accusations of starting the fighting.

The Speaker of the Armenian Parliament, Alain Simonyan, stressed during the press conference with Pelosi that the violence ended thanks to American mediation, after the failure of the attempt to reach a truce brokered by Russia.

“We are grateful to the United States for the fragile ceasefire that was brokered by them,” he added.

These clashes are an unprecedented escalation since the 2020 war and threaten to derail a fragile peace process between the two former Soviet republics located in the Caucasus.

Source: agencies

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