Economy Pension reform: in the executive, long months of cacophony

Pension reform: in the executive, long months of cacophony


If the strike against the pension reform that starts Thursday, December 5 is now massive, it also cultivates a paradox of size: the general vagueness surrounding this text, which, incidentally, is not yet written … "On understand nothing, everyone is lost, "laments a minister who sinks:" The first lesson of this reform that has not even taken place … is that we have been unable to hold a speech clear on every point. And from the beginning. " Between turnarounds and clumsy contradictions, the executive has done everything to regularly blur the tracks. A paradox, for a government that, for months, trumpets that he wants to make the method and consultation his mantra!

On paper, however, the initial copy seemed clear: to create a universal system of pensions "where one euro contributed gives the same rights, no matter when it was paid, regardless of the status of the contributor." This is the promise that promised Emmanuel Macron, then presidential candidate in 2017, with the certainty of keeping "the specificity of certain plans" and even to maintain the legal age of departure to 62 years.

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Imbroglios, back pedaling and mine clearance operations

Two and a half years later, patatras! At the reform of the system, the tenant of the Elysee now intends to add another front: that of a parametric reform. Translation: balance the system, so reduce the debt, by reviewing one of three possible levers that are the contribution period, the legal age of departure or the contribution rate. Not easy, even for a seasoned minister. The proof? Last March, Agnès Buzyn, in charge of the file, was taking the feet in the carpet by suggesting that it would be appropriate "to possibly propose an extension of the working time". Before retropedal two days later, under fire from critics, including internal government …

Blur reinforced a few months later, July 18, when High Commissioner Jean-Paul Delevoye advances the idea of ​​a pivotal age of 64 to receive a full pension. A bomb that Macron struggles to defuse in late August, on the sidelines of the G7 Biarritz, when he said "prefer an agreement on the duration of contribution rather than age." And what about the imbroglio around the famous "clause of the grandfather", providing that the new reform would come into effect only for new entrants into the labor market! Praised by the unions and some of the opposition, the issue divides within the executive. If the head of state has publicly wished that it be debated, Delevoye, he refuses to hear about it on the pretext that it would amount to creating "a 43rd regime" retirement.

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Faced with this confusion, the President of the Republic attempted, Tuesday, December 3, to whistle the end of the recess by spinning the maritime metaphor during an express trip to Assises de la Mer, in Montpellier (Hérault). Especially a tune-up, while some in the majority voiced behind the scenes their deep concerns about this reform: "When you have to go to sea, the disagreements remain behind, because there is a crew, only one, who arrives at port, or not. And the rest is only for those who never go to sea. That is said. Or not.


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