Pensions: many errors in the calculation of pensions noted by the Court of Auditors

You have to be vigilant: one file in seven presented anomalies, which would represent 70 million euros less for retirees.

This time it is not a “bank error in your favour”… Retirees are called upon to carefully check their retirement application file because, according to the latest report from the Court of Auditorserrors would be very frequent.

Indeed, the Court of Auditors has just pinned the Cnav, the National Old Age Insurance Fund for recurring errors in the calculation of the pensions of future retirees, as reported The Parisian.

And the 3/4 of anomalies would be to the detriment of the insured

An incorrect monthly calculation

According to the Elders, the errors are in “the career data at the origin of pension rights” and in particular in the calculation of the number of quarters assessed.

And they are frequent, one file in seven is concerned, which is not nothing. Even if the report insists on the fact that there is an improvement of the situation compared to last year, because it was at the time about one file out of six…

Significant errors since they amount to 70 million euros loss for the beneficiaries. Of the 5.8 billion euros in benefits paid in 2021.

It is therefore recommended to check everything carefully so as not to lose a few hundred euros per month on the monthly retirement pension.

Especially since pensioners can only make a claim for two months after their retirement: it is therefore worth paying attention.

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