Persona fans are going to be pissed! They missed the opportunity to play the new opus of the series a week in advance…

2023-11-09 19:15:02

Game News Persona fans are going to be pissed! They missed the opportunity to play the new opus of the series a week in advance…

Published on 09/11/2023 at 8:15 p.m.

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To play a game early, you often have to cross your fingers that your local store will have received it before the others and will be willing to sell it to you. Today the local store was Steam. A week before its release, the platform made available the purchase and download of a game eagerly awaited by its fans.

A tactical error

If you are fans of the Persona license, you are surely waiting Persona 5 Tactics which should be released in a week (next November 17) on PC, PS5, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One. Designed as a spin-off Tactical-RPG version of the excellent Persona 5the new game from Atlus studios offers “chibi” style visuals while keeping the artistic direction of the original title, very similar to the design of the Persona Q spin-off series.

What if we told you that some players have already had the chance to access the full game, a week before its release? Due to an error in the Steam software (well known to PC gamers), Persona 5 Tactica was in fact made available for purchase and download as recently as yesterday afternoon. As soon as it was spotted, the error made a few people happy who were able to share their experience on social networks:

Persona 5 Tactica was released prematurely on Steam by accident, I’m playing the game right now.

I thought it was a joke when I read my emails JSKSKSK

Is it possible to play Persona 5 Tactica in advance?

The quickest were therefore able to purchase and download Persona 5 Tactica yesterday afternoon, well before the official release of the game; an unexpected dream come true for fans who were able to discover this spin-off before anyone else. But Is it still possible to take advantage of this error made by Steam?

Unfortunately, as you might have guessed from the time that has passed since the dumpling, the Steam teams have put everything in order and the next Atlus game is currently well announced for availability on November 17. Concerning the lucky few who managed to get their hands on their copy well in advance, it is not really certain that they have been able to continue playing since the error was corrected. In case, we advise you to be careful not to come across some spoilerseven if the number of copies currently in the wild should not be very numerous.

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