Personalized Treatment, Adequate Drug Coverage, and Technology: Enhancing Patient Care

2023-09-07 15:29:20

It is vital that patients have personalized treatment, adequate drug coverage by medical plans and the use of technology.

By: Mariana Mestizo Hernandez

September 07, 2023

The third edition of Protect your Fur addressed various issues related to the care of the furincluding the needs of patients with various conditions and treatments more effective in serving them.

“In recent decades it has been discovered that many of these dermatological conditions have inflammatory and genetic problems, where if we give biological drugs, that inflammatory pathway is blocked and they manage to block the disease, be it atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, hidradenitis suppurativos and some cases of alopecia areata,” said Dr. Fizgeraldo SáncHez, associate director of the dermatology residency program.

Positive results of biologic drugs

Dr. Lillian V. Rivera, dermatology medical resident, shared a case where they had a patient with generalized plaque psoriasis for many years. Over time, various treatmentssuch as topical medications, which sometimes showed temporary improvements, but the lesions never fully abated.

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However, thanks to advances in biological medicines, the patient recently experienced a remarkable improvement, presenting for the first time an injury-free back.

“I want to point out that it depends not only on the availability of medicines, but also doctors, access to health is one of the reasons why we are here,” he added.

Coverage of medical plans

“Under the correct parameters, the appropriate medications should be covered for each patient, my dad taught me and when I was at the Mayo Clinic that the easiest decision is made when the patient’s well-being is taken as a priority, it is like when you cover treatment for only 15 days for acne, which is a chronic condition,” said Dr. Sánchez.

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Use of technologies

The doctor mentioned that in the case of psoriasis, there is a laser that is covered by Medicare as a treatment option. Similarly, for androgenic alopecia, this type of treatment that combines laser with platelets and stem cells to stimulate the hair follicle is also used.

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In the treatment of atopic dermatitis, microbial therapies are used that involve the application of bacteria or flora from other areas of the body. However, due to the risks and costs associated with these treatmentsare not covered by many medical plans, according to the specialist.

personalized treatment

“All the patients they should have a personalized treatment, the 16-year-old girl with acne is not going to be treated the same as the 16-year-old boy with acne. We are also pending the psychological situation and the endocrinology of the conditions, since the treatment is similar is pure coincidence, we must focus on the needs of each person, because not all factors are the same, “he added.

Dr. Reina M. González, resident doctor in dermatology, highlighted the importance of patients avoid sharing your treatments with neighbors, friends or relatives. Emphasizing that when a patient consults with a specialist, the doctor takes into account her complete medical history in order to provide the best treatment option for her disease.

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