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The best-selling iPhone has always been the 128GB version of the general version. For example, the best-selling iPhone 13 128GB in the first half of last year; The strategy is to reserve the A16 bionic processor for the Pro version, and the general version of the iPhone 14 still uses the A15, so that the outside world has the impression that “the iPhone 14 is not much different from the iPhone 13”, and therefore the two models of the Pro version have been maintained. King’s position.

But for fruit fans with a small pocket budget, it is difficult to buy the Pro version even with a telecommunications contract, so they want to start with the iPhone 14 or iPhone 13, but feel that the price difference between the two seems to be very large. Can’t decide whether to buy 14 or 13. If you also feel a little confused, today’s article will analyze the differences in specifications and market prices between the two, hoping to bring you some references for purchasing.

iPhone 14 VS. iPhone 13: Where is the difference?

If you just look at the appearance, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 are basically the same, except for the difference in color. In addition, most of their specifications seem to be the same, including a 6.1-inch 60Hz OLED screen with an average resolution. It is 2532 x 1170 pixels; built-in A15 bionic processor; equipped with a 12-megapixel standard lens and a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens.

However, if you dissect the more subtle specifications, you can also find the differences between the iPhone 14 and 13.First of all, although both use the A15 processor, the iPhone 14’s A15 processor has a built-in 5 core GPUsthe GPU of the iPhone 13 has only 4 cores, so the iPhone 14 will have better performance when playing games.In addition, the iPhone 14 has a built-in 6GB RAMiPhone 13 only 4GB RAMmore RAM will be more beneficial for multi-tasking, and it is less likely that after loading several relatively large apps, the previously used apps will be closed.

[Petty Bourgeois Buy Love Crazy]iPhone 14 vs. iPhone 13, which one should you buy?

In addition, although the battery capacity of the iPhone 14 is only less than 60 mAh more than that of the iPhone 13 (3279 vs. 3227 mAh), it can provide1 additional hour of battery lifeand its standard lens also adoptslarger sensorplus a larger aperture (F1.5), giving it a higher advantage in night shooting; in addition, the iPhone 14 main camera video alsoSupport action mode, you can use the ultra-wide-angle lens to shoot more stable videos.The aperture of the front lens of the iPhone 14 has also been increased to F1.9(F2.2 for iPhone 13), moreSupport auto focusthe practicality of taking selfies is greater.

In the wireless communication part, iPhone 14 supportsBluetooth 5.3iPhone 13 only hasBluetooth 5.0In addition, the iPhone 14 has more 5G connections Bands for n26, n53, n70

◎If you want to know the complete specification comparison between the two mobile phones, you can use our product comparison function◎

[Petty Bourgeois Buy Love Crazy]iPhone 14 vs. iPhone 13, which one should you buy?

The price difference between the two is more than 4,000, which one should I choose?

According to the data of ePrice store quotation today (3/13),iPhone 13 128GB The current lowest price of a new empty aircraft is about 20,300 yuan, while iPhone 14 128GB It is 24,900 yuan, and the difference between the two is 4,600 yuan, which is actually not small, but the price difference between the iPhone 13 256GB and the iPhone 14 256GB is relatively small ($26,000 vs $27,500, the difference between the two is only 1,500 yuan), if you originally want to buy If the 256GB model is available, then the iPhone 14 is the best choice without any suspense.

But if you don’t need such a large capacity but care about the price, the price of the iPhone 13 128GB has actually dropped to a sweet spot. Buying the iPhone 13 won’t make your experience much different, and because the iPhone 13 Both use the same processor as the 14, and the support for system updates in the future should be similar, saving nearly 5,000 yuan is not a small amount of money. So if you are such a budget user, we recommend buying the iPhone 13 128GB.

I don’t know if you fans of petty bourgeoisie have an answer in your mind after reading it? The market price of the iPhone will also change with time, so you can also go to our buying and selling area to check the quotation. We will also launch various iPhone discounts from time to time. If you want to buy a cheap mobile phone, please continue to lock in the comparison king oh!

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