Phanom Bencha School Write poems to mourn 3 students who were shot dead by the assailant

Administrators, teachers and students of Phanom Bencha School Write a poem to mourn 3 students who were stricken by a man who owns a tire shop. who had hallucinations from taking methamphetamine and shot to death

Today (September 6) Facebook “Phanom Bencha School (Official)” of Phanom Bencha School, Khao Phanom District, Krabi Province, posted a message of condolences to the three students stating that “To.. student teachers With a picture of the three students who died: Mr. Nonthaphan Udomsri, Ms. Natnicha Panseng and Ms. Pantira Chuthong, who was 42-year-old Teerasak Boonruang, the owner of a tire shop. car who has hallucinations from drug use (metabolic drugs) drives a car crashes into a motorcycle Then came down to use a firearm to shoot dead. before burning the motorcycle and escaping Along the Khao Phanom-Lam Thap road, Moo 2, Phrutiao Subdistrict, Khao Phanom District, Krabi Province, at 2:00 AM on September 6, said

“Mourning over, goodbye, passed away.
Oh Kwankaew, where is the apprentice teacher?
Seeing later, she took away from the teacher.
Very mournful, no turning back, dark

I can’t go back. Every nation can’t resist.
Can’t sleep, falling asleep like the rain
No recovery is the same for all classes.
Can’t escape, leave it, but it’s bad.

May the souls of disciples and teachers go to heaven.
It’s the moon, bright, shining in colour.
A million stars, a thousand tweets
Being a mani, Buddha Dharma, supporting the land


Board of administrators, school committees, teachers, educational personnel Phanom Bencha School students

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Brutal black sedan! Collision with a motorcyclist, a schoolboy, with a gun, shoots dead 3 bodies on the side of the road, burns the car, camouflage the case
Caught and the owner of the tire shop haunted the drug! Shot dead 3 students, brutally hit the car before firing one by one
The mother who shot the schoolgirl 3, the body reveals that she is unbearable! Knowing that the son has been addicted to drugs for a long time, coordinates to inform the police. Arrest, but it happened first. confirm no bail
Relatives-friends sad to receive the bodies of 3 students, victims of slavery bullets End of life, 18-year-old girl, Petanque athlete preparing to compete at the national level
Revealed that one of the victims of the murderous drug shooting of the 3rd grader is a good footballer was selected to compete at the national level
Report 5 heavy charges, the murderer of the student killed 3

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