PHCC’s ‘Back to School Campaign’: Transforming Schools with Smart Clinics for Student Health and Safety

2023-08-13 06:48:03

Doha – Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC)’s ‘Back to School Campaign’ will start on 27th. From 27 to 7 September, the campaign will be held in all public schools and kindergartens in the country in addition to 6 health centers namely Al Waqra, Omar Bin Al Kattab, Maitar, Al Wajba, Qatar University and Umm Salal.

The campaign targets school students, their parents and staff of public schools. The campaign also aims to convert traditional clinics in schools into smart clinics.

Smart clinics in schools will ensure the health and safety of students, with school nurses acting as healthcare coordinators and strengthening linkages between health centers and school clinics in the country such as PHCC Health Centers, Sidra Medicine, Hamad Medical Corporation and the Ministry of Public Health.

Under the campaign, various programs like educational lectures, awareness raising, highlighting the themes of smart school clinics in public schools are being held.

All school clinics are linked online to the Health File Management Network. Ensuring quick access to patients’ medical records and providing accurate and complete health information. Nurses are also able to accurately follow-up health services for students.

English Summary: PHCC to launch ‘Back To School’ campaign on August 27.

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