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As you’ve no doubt noticed, the Gears of War franchise changed its tone and overall theme starting with Gears of War 4.This is the first game in the series, fromallianceand move away from the horror feel of the original trilogy to something lighter.

As it turns out, that wasn’t what Xbox boss Phil Spencer had in mind when Microsoft bought the IP in 2014, as revealed by the man who originally created Gears of War; Cliff Blesinski. When he visited the XboxEra Podcast recently, he said:

“This was Phil Spencer’s main note when Microsoft bought the Gears of War IP. When he was talking to Rod Ferguson, he said let’s get back to the horror.

The new characters in Gears of War 4 and Gears 5 have generally not been well received by the community, and despite being very good games, many fans have repeatedly expressed their desire for the series to return to its horror roots again.

Gears 6 is currently in development, and from our recentreportJudging by the job listings, it appears to have exited pre-production. Whether Gears 6 will be darker and once again feature the same overly macho characters as the original remains to be seen. Do you want this or are you happy with the direction of the latest game?

Check out the interview with Cliff Bleszinski below to hear his thoughts on this, and if you want to fast forward, it all started 48+ minutes into the podcast.

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