Physical exercise migraine: Physical exercise as a treatment for migraine | Present

A study carried out in Sweden made it possible to identify that the physical exercise acts as a drug used to prevent migrainesor to reduce the episodes of headaches that are so annoying and difficult to bear.

The study was carried out on 91 patients with migraine, who were divided into three groups: the first performed 40 minutes of physical exercise three times a week, others performed relaxation exercises and the third group was given a drug to prevent migraines.

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In all three groups, a decrease in episodes of migraine after 6 months, indicating that physical exercise It is as effective as a pill to prevent or mitigate this disease, as well as the potential adverse effects that people who consume can present. medicine to reduce pain.

Carry out physical exercise three times a weekhelps relieve emotional and postural tensions, improve blood circulation, as well as prevent the development of migraine or reduce the incidence of its episodes.

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