Player-made “Super Mario Bros. 5” classic map Super Mario Maker 2 to relive the 2D classic

The Super Mario series has always been a classic in the hearts of many players, but Nintendo has rarely released 2D versions of the works in recent years, and some die-hard players have lost something, but recently some players have launched their own maps, providing classic 2D Experience revisited.

The “Super Mario Bros. 5” map made by the player MetroidMike64 on the Super Mario Maker 2 platform of the Switch is quite interesting. The picture fully reproduces the style of the classic 2D Super Mario Bros. The levels are divided into 8 worlds, with 40 complete ‘s level.

The author emphasized that this “Super Mario Bros. 5” is not a super difficult or trapped work that is popular on the Internet, but a work that faithfully presents the classic game after 7 years of efforts to bring together the elements of various classic works. Players who are interested and have Super Mario Maker 2 themselves can search for the map ID: 0G9-XN4-FNF to experience it.

Source: Twitter

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