PlayStation 5. Prices, release date. When does PS5 arrive in Mexico?

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Mexico City / 16.09.2020 17:07:39


Take all our money! This September 16 the official launch of the PlayStation 5, which will be available at two versions for all lovers video game with different prices and features, in addition to the announcement special sale date for MexicoIt will be released in our country before most of the world.

Through a virtual event, Sony introduced the PS5 and showed some previews of the most anticipated video games which will be available either on compact disc or for direct download via the internet.

PS5 Price

Through Twitter, Sony reported console prices which, as we already mentioned, will be available in two versions: PlayStation 5 y PlayStation 5 Digital Edition at a cost of $ 499.99 and $ 399.99, respectively (about 10,500 and 8,500 Mexican pesos, respectively).

What is the difference between the PS5 models?

  • PlayStation 5: For video games on CD.
  • PlayStation 5 Digital Edition: For downloaded video games.

PlayStation 5: Date of sale in Mexico and the world

As we already mentioned, Mexico will have a privileged launch date for the PS5 since it is one of seven countries that will have the console available from 12th of November, while the rest of the world will have to wait another week to obtain it, that is, on November 19.


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