Pokémon Day! “Pokemon Presents” Online Release 227, Invite Players to Celebrate | 4Gamers

Please be ready. Pokemon has announced on the official Twitter that the “Pokemon Presents” online presentation will be held at 22:00 pm on February 27, Taiwan time, with an estimated duration of 14 minutes.

Presumably “Pokémon” players will not be unfamiliar.

February 27 is the launch date of the first game in the “Pokémon” series, “Pokémon Red and Green” (February 27th, 1996). Pokémon Day), a big day for fans!

The online presentation is expected to last 14 minutes, and the live channel will be placed on the official Pokémon YouTube channel (web link)。

To celebrate the arrival of Pokémon Day. “Pokemon GO” has been scheduled to hold “Pokémon GO Tour: Live” on the 27th, and interested players can go to the Kaohsiung Lantern Festival to participate in the battle.

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