Pokémon Presentation 2022: When and How to Watch It

The new Pokémon Presents will air on Wednesday, August 3, and The Pokémon Company is promising new details about the franchise’s mobile apps and upcoming major games. scarlet pokemon And Pokemon Violet.

The latest Pokémon Presents will begin at 9AM EDT / 6AM PDT and are expected to last about 20 minutes, according to a Japanese Pokémon YouTube account.

scarlet pokemon And Violet It’s the big draw, of course. Owns Game Freak, The Pokémon Company, and Nintendo revealed a little On the way to details about new games heading to the Nintendo Switch this November. we know carmine And VioletAppetizer (Sprigatito و Fuecoco و Quaxly), three cool new Pokemon (smallAnd your eyesand Pawmi), and two new legendary Pokémon (Croydon and Meridon). And yes, there will be sexy professorsand kind of a time travel topic, but we still don’t know carmine And VioletThe new region name, eg. By the end of the Pokémon Shows on Wednesday, we expect to know more.

As for what’s new in Pokémon apps, that could mean updates Pokemon GoAnd pokemon uniteAnd Pokemon Masters PreviousAnd Pokemon Cafe ReMixand Pokémon Home. There’s also a long shot: a long-awaited update on the vaporware project Pokemon Sleep.

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