Pokémon Presents summary: more information on Pokémon Scarlet and Purple

Today, The Pokémon Company presented a Pokémon Presents to inform fans of the latest news expected for the franchise. Here is a summary of the announcements made during the short presentation.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

GameFreak brings us more information about Pokémon Scarlet and Purple, a new Pokémon game planned for the Nintendo Switch. In this installment, players will be able to discover Paldea, a new region filled with new pokemon. This game will be an open world RPG, a first for the series. So there will be no specific order to face the gyms, you will have to do your own adventure.

Also, wild Pokémon seem to appear clearly in the wild, a new pattern carried over from several games that may now be the norm in future releases. Discover wild expanses populated by these Pokémon, or large urban spaces to chat with other enthusiasts of these creatures.

The trailer also reveals a new form of evolution, the Terastal phenomenon. This phenomenon, as it is called during the presentation, turns Pokémon into shiny gems while providing a boost to their type and making their attacks stronger. Some Pokémon will even change type when they are “Terastalised”. For example, an Eevee will usually remain a normal type after transformation, but some Eevees that are a little more special can become leaf or even water thanks to Terastal. This information will be contained in the Pokédex sheet of each Pokémon.

Legendary Pokémon and some Pokémon inhabiting the region are also further developed thanks to this presentation. First, the two legendary Pokémon are Koraidon and Miraidon, one of these will accompany you during your adventure. He will be able to cross the plains, climb the mountains, swim in the water and fly in the air by changing his form.

miraidon pokemon

Next, the new Pokémon introduced are Ground/Poison-type Paldea version Wooper, Fairy-type Fidough, and Ice-type Cetitan.

wooper pokémon

fidough pokémon

cetitan's Pokémon

There are also, of course, the starters thatwe had already seen before. . . . Sprigatito, Fuecoco and Quaxly.

sprigatito pokemon


quaxly pokémon

The game is scheduled for November 18 worldwide and is available for pre-order today.

Pokémon World Championship

After three years, the Annual World Pokémon Championships returns to London from August 18-21. The event will allow fans to play intense Pokémon battles, but also to rally around the love of the game for the first time in several years. Thousands of players from all over the world are expected to participate in the competition. The fights will be played as much on consoles as with playing cards. Who will win the title of world champion in 2022?

Two new games will be added to the championship this year, Pokémon Go and Pokémon Unite. The event can be followed thanks to the livestream organized by the company. We also saw during the presentation the new Pikachu trophy that the world champion will receive, a very cute reward for the big winner.

Pokémon Unite

To celebrate the first year of the game, Pokémon Unite will receive several new Pokémon and new features, new events and new campaigns. For example, a new mode available today is Pika Party, a mode where all Pokémon, wild or otherwise, are Pikachu. Buzzwole, a new Pokémon, will also be added to Pokémon Unite starting today. The game will welcome Glacion and Tyranitar later this month.

See the full presentation here:

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