Pol Espargaró (GASGAS): Bad injuries

After detailed computer tomography in the hospital in Faro it has been confirmed that the unfortunate Pol Espargaró (31) is not in mortal danger after the crash in the second free Friday practice session in Portimão and has not sustained any permanent damage. But the new GASGAS Factory Racing Tech3 team of Hervé Poncharal may have to do without the services of the number 1 rider for a few months, who has already achieved six podium finishes from 2018 to 2020 with the identical Red Bull KTM RC16.

Pol’s 33-year-old brother Aleix already knew how Pol was doing when he spoke to journalists late on Friday evening. He spoke of lung problems and a broken jaw. Shortly before 9 p.m. local time, another bad news got through. Pol Espargaró has also suffered vertebral fractures. He can move his arms and legs and has no neurological deficits. But so far it is not clear whether the vertebrae need to be stabilized by an operation. It will probably not be clear until tomorrow how serious the contusion of the lungs was. He didn’t need an intubation, but he was given strong painkillers.

In the meantime, the GASGAS team has viewed all available moving images to find out how the serious injuries came about.

Apparently, Pol Espargaró first hit the tire stacks that were too close, then he was hit by his motorcycle. The bike may have been thrown into the air again by this impact and then hit the rider a long way down. The track setter, promoter and FIM Safety Officer Tomé Alonso will have to answer why there were no airfences. The Portuguese FIM President Jorge Viegas is also responsible.

Marc Márquez demanded: “On Saturday there must be 10 airfences in this curve.”

SPEEDWEEK.com denounced the illegal condition of the gravel beds last Sunday. “The gravel beds should slow down a fallen driver. But here they have accelerated the slipping pole,” said world champion Pecco Bagnaia.

According to the regulations in Argentina (April 2nd), the GASGAS team does not yet have to replace Pol Espargaró. But a reserve driver has to be nominated for the Red Bull Texas GP. According to human judgement, this will be test driver Dani Pedrosa (37), who wanted to compete in Jerez (April 30) with a wildcard anyway.

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