Police Dog Maggy Uncovers Massive Drug Haul in Home Visit: 25.3 kg of Cannabis, 783 grams of Cocaine, and More

2023-11-29 11:05:00

The two suspects were directly arrested and the officers carried out a home visit where Maggy, the police dog capable of detecting drugs and money, was able to reveal, with the help of the police, an impressive stock of narcotics. Thus, 25.3 kg of cannabis and 783 grams of cocaine were found, all for a value of 39,150 euros.

Also, several objects linked to drug trafficking were found, such as a precision scale, a banknote counting machine, several cell phones, as well as equipment for packaging drugs.

Finally, a large quantity of bottles of alcohol were found at the scene: 420 bottles of Desperados, 29 bottles of Jack Daniels with honey, 30 bottles of Peterman, 30 bottles of Aperol, 18 one-liter bottles of rum, 18 bottles of 70 cl rum, 27 bottles of classic Jack Daniels, 4 bottles of Get 27, 12 bottles of Baileys, 27 bottles of JB, 22 bottles of Eristoff, 24 bottles of Ricard, 3 bottles of Diplomatico rum and 1 bottle of Jack Daniels apple. “Given the scale of the discovery”, the judicial brigade took over the case and is carrying out the investigation under the supervision of the Liège Public Prosecutor’s Office. “A remarkable success for the police zone” in the fight against drug trafficking, welcomes the Liège police.

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