Jose Luis Sierra: Potential Candidate for Chilean National Team Coach – Latest Updates and Options for Replacing Eduardo Berizzo

2023-11-29 11:34:21

Jose Luis Sierraformer La Roja team player and current national coach, referred to the option of joining the Chilean National Team after the resignation of Eduardo Berizzo.

After ‘Toto’ confirmed his departure from ‘everyone’s team’ on the last double date of Qualifiersthere have been several names that have emerged as alternatives to replace it.

In that scenario, included the one from ‘Coto’ who, currently, is without a club.

Now, in dialogue with the media Independencia Hispana, Sierra referred to the option of taking over in La Roja.

“For me, having my name heard in the National Team, whether true or false, is a source of pride. If you look at the last coaches, they are all foreigners, so having my name appear is a source of pride.”said the national coach.

“I am not closing myself off to any possibility starting in January, to train in Chile or abroad. Everything will depend on the place and conditions. Also the trust they have to bet on my work”added José Luis Sierra.

However, ‘Coto’ also explained that he has an important offer from foreign football.

“I have a chance in Zamalek, but it is not true that I am leaving.”. “It is a very big team in Africa and many times champion of the African Champions League,” the coach confessed.

“It is a big and important team in Egypt, but I have not decided what I will do between now and January. I will not make any decision in this regard,” Sierra concluded.

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