Police officer on the run, known for domestic violence, suspected of feminicide

The lifeless body of his companion was found Friday evening in Paris in his apartment and he has not given any sign of life for 24 hours: a police officer, known for domestic violence, was still wanted on Saturday as part of an investigation for homicide.

It was his colleagues from Blanc-Mesnil (Seine-Saint-Denis), worried about not hearing from him when he was supposed to take up his post on Friday at the start of the afternoon, who gave the alert.

“He had contacted his service to say that he would not come. But then he no longer answered the calls”, according to a source familiar with the matter.

Informed, the police officers of the 19th arrondissement, where he resides, go in the evening to his home, located in a recent three-storey building, with a facade of red and dark gray bricks.

On site, the 29-year-old peacekeeper, who joined the police in 2012, is absent. On the other hand, in the bathroom lies the body of his companion. Aged 28, she is not a police officer.

The circumstances of his death are not yet known, an autopsy must be performed in the afternoon, according to a judicial source.

According to a source close to the investigation, the body showed few traces and no bullet wound.

According to another source close to the investigation, the suspect is the owner of a white city car, which he is likely to have used to flee, and he is possibly armed with his service weapon.

– Awareness course –

The wanted man had been taken into police custody in October 2019 for violence against his partner at the time, according to a police source. He had then received an alternative to prosecution for domestic violence, confirmed the judicial source.

He “had been the subject of a summons for an awareness course on domestic violence”, according to the police source.

Administratively, he had been sanctioned with a warning, according to the same source.

The warning is a disciplinary sanction of the first group, the lowest in the public service and is not the subject of any mention in the file of the agent.

He was also the subject of “social monitoring”, provided by psychologists, social workers and prevention doctors.

Last June, “he had requested the intervention of the police for a dispute with his partner who would have been violent with him. He had a swollen face”, according to the police source.

An investigation has been opened for “intentional homicide on a partner”, according to the judicial source. She was handed over to the second judicial police district.

Saturday morning, a police car and two officials stood guard outside the entrance to the building, noted an AFP journalist.

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