Police Operation Halts Rail Traffic in Winterthur: Latest Updates and News

2023-07-14 20:07:07

A news scout was sitting in the IC5 coming from Lausanne shortly after 6 p.m. on Friday evening. Suddenly, the message could be heard over the loudspeaker that the train was only going to Zurich HB. “The reason for this is a police operation,” says the report. As the SBB confirmed on request from 20 minutes, rail traffic at Winterthur Grüze station had been completely interrupted since around 6 p.m. It was only after 9 p.m. that the all-clear was given and since then the trains have been able to run according to the timetable again.

The Winterthur city police confirmed the use of 20 minutes. The authority wrote on Twitter shortly before 10 p.m. that the object could be secured and the operation will soon be completed. The St. Gallerstrasse, which was previously closed in both directions, can be driven on normally again. “Specialists from the Zurich Forensic Institute secured the item with suitable means and took it away for closer examination,” the city police wrote in a media release in the evening.

In addition to the Zurich canton police, the Winterthur city police, the transport police, the SBB intervention and the forensic institute, a team from the Winterthur rescue service also went out as a precaution.

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