Police trigger Corona demo in Berlin with water cannons and tear gas

The police used water cannons during protests against the German corona policy near the Reichstag building in Berlin. The emergency services began spraying people on Wednesday afternoon after they had been asked to walk several times. Journalists also reported scuffles and the use of tear gas. Protesters shouted and whistled with whistles.

Against restriction of fundamental rights

The reason for the demo was the vote in the German Bundestag on the new Infection Protection Act to combat the pandemic. The demonstrators regard the measures envisaged in it, such as exit bans and assembly bans, as a restriction of freedom and civil rights. Several representatives of the right-wing populist AfD also took part in the rally.

“Medical certificate not accepted”

The AfD member of the Bundestag Karsten Hilse came into conflict with the police on the sidelines of the protests. Hilse said in a video that was circulated by members of his group that he had been approached by the police because he was walking without a mask. Although he had a medical certificate with him that released him from the mask requirement. However, the police complained that no specific illness was listed. When he wanted to make a video, there was a physical argument.

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