Political Tensions Escalate in Moldova Ahead of Presidential Election in October 2024: Victoria Bloc Forms in Moscow

2024-04-24 14:48:05

As the presidential election in October 2024 and a referendum on integration into the European Union approach, political tensions are escalating in Moldova. They went up a notch after a “congress of opposition forces of Moldova” was held on April 20 and 21 in Moscow, informs the Russian site Vzgliad, close to Kremlin positions.

During this congress, the political bloc Victoria (or “Pobeda”, “victory” in Russian) was created, aiming at the establishment of “close ties with Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union”, and whose objective is to present a single candidate in the presidential election.

The bloc also spoke out against the integration of Moldova into the European Union, an issue which will be the subject of a referendum among the Moldovan population in parallel with the presidential vote.

At this congress, which was held in the two official languages ​​of Moldova, Moldovan and Russian, and brought together 300 people, the Renaissance, Chance and Alternative Force for the Salvation of Moldova parties appeared. The Sor party was represented by its leader, the oligarch convicted of fraud and exiled to Israel Ilan Sor. Also present was the leader of the Autonomous Republic of Gagaouzie, Evgenia Goutsoul, close to Sor. The first was designated

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