Polygonal season. The play Smiļģis / Diena will become the central event of the anniversary year of Daile Theater

“I can tell the intrigue that Eduards Smiļģis will play six actors in this work to show the multifaceted nature of this genius,” 2020/2021. The artistic director of the Daile Theater and the Sandstone director Viesturs Kairišs, who this season is expected to two full premieres on the Great Hall stage.

At the end of it, he will offer the legendary work of Rūdolfs Blaumanis Tailoring days in Silmači a new interpretation, the author of the dramatization of which will be Justīne Kļava and the composer – Maestro Raimonds Pauls. It is with this work that the director once began his theatrical career. “It is important for me to return to this sparkling and vitality-filled theater, which is filled with music, joy of life and madness,” admits Viesturs Kairišs.

Rhinoceros attack

In total, six premieres are planned on the stage of the Great Hall. The new season will start with a production by Gata Šmita Doctor with Vita Vārpiņš in the lead role (September 18). It will be based on the work written by Arthur Schnitzler at the beginning of the last century in the version of Robert Aik, in which the action has been transferred to the world of social media of the modern information age and the provocation will force viewers to reconsider their ideas on identity issues, promises the director. At the end of 2020, the anniversary concert of the actress Rēzija Kalniņa is expected, which will be composed by film director Dāvis Sīmanis.

The season will continue with the black comedy of Henry Louis, Jonathan Sir and Henry Shield Total failure, which will be Intars Rezetin as the director ‘s debut on the Daile Theater Great Hall stage. Guest director Ildiko Gaspara from Hungary, who is the rising star of European theater and who has chosen for Latvia the comic absurd drama written by Eugene Jonesco in 1959 about a fallen French province where rumors of a rhino attack are raging and where the current situation is taking place, will also create her new production. has become particularly relevant.

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Coming out of the shadows

The new season in the Small Hall of Daile Theater will start with a production by Dmitry Petrenko Monsters based on a play by Duncan McMillan (October 9).

It will continue with another work of this director, which will mark the ninety anniversary of the famous Latvian writer Regina Ezera. He will stage a novel Zemdegas, the dramatization of which is written by Justine Klava. “Zemdegas have always been a novel Aka in the eternal shadow, but it is an excellent work – such a Latvian Twinpeak, “The artistic director of the Daile Theater draws parallels with the iconic series full of mysticism shot by David Lynch in the early 1990s.

Also, his new productions will be created by Klāvs Mellis (from the theater troupe Quadrifrons), Laura Groza-Kibere and Boris Frumin. In their versions, the audience will receive Manuel Kofigno Lopez’s work for children Granny with parasols, Ninas Reines luga Consent by MeToo theme and the work of Alexander Vampilov The eldest son. It should be noted that currently the Small Hall of the Daile Theater can accommodate 100 spectators, the Great Hall – 480 spectators, but due to the set restrictions, the Chamber Hall will not be used this season.

The culmination of the Daile Theater celebrations is scheduled for November 2021, when the concert will take place Art oratorio and a light and musical performance that will be seen from outside the building. Alongside the creative work, large-scale repair and improvement works are taking place in the building and its surroundings, which will end next autumn. Juris Žagars, the director of Daile Theater, adds that their future plans include the creation of a separate rehearsal room the size of the Great Hall, the transformation of the Small Hall with 350 seats (now 200 seats) and the construction of the Great Hall mobile partition to be used in two variants. 700 and 1000 spectator seats.

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Up-to-date information can be followed on the website dailesteatris.lv.

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