Pope Francis got angry: a woman asked him for a blessing for her dog and this he answered

2023-05-13 19:53:38

Pope Francis once again criticized people who prefer to have dogs or cats rather than have children, after recounting how he scolded a woman who asked him to bless “her child”, who turned out to be his pet, during the audience on Wednesday in the Vatican.

The event was recounted by the Pontiff himself during the second conference on the National States of Birth in Italy, an event in which the Prime Minister of that country, Giorgia Meloni, also participated, and where the need to promote births was emphasized.

Pope Francis got angry: a woman asked him for a blessing for her dog and this he answered

“I was in a hearing on Wednesdays and a lady came. I greeted her and she opened a bag, telling me to bless her son, but he was a dog. I didn’t have patience and I scolded her: ‘Ma’am, there are many hungry children, and you with a little dog?’”.

With this anecdote, the Pope lamented that bringing children into the world “is perceived as a burden on families”, which “unfortunately, conditions the mentality of the young generations, who grow up in uncertainty, if not in disappointment and fear ”.

For Francisco, the birth of children is the main indicator to measure the hope of a people. In his speech with the Italian Prime Minister, he also pointed out that if few are born it means there is little hope. And this not only has repercussions from an economic and social impact, but also undermines confidence in the future.

It’s not the first time

The Supreme Pontiff also recounted another event that happened in the middle of Saint Peter’s Square, in the Vatican. He recounted: “Two weeks ago, my secretary was in the square and a mother came with a stroller. He, a tender priest, came over to bless the baby… and he was a little dog!” He said in statements reported by the international press.

Francisco pointed out: “These are scenes of the present, but if things continue like this, this will be the custom of the future, let’s be careful.”

Earlier, the Pope had drawn attention to the fact that some people would rather have pets than children, which he called “selfishness” in the past.

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