Pope Francis’ Historic Visit to Mongolia: Strengthening Catholicism in a Strained Political Landscape

2023-09-01 16:31:17

Ulan Bator (Mongolia): Pope Francis arrived in Mongolia on Friday morning to meet the world’s smallest and newest Catholic community. The first visit by a pope to the Asian country comes at a time when the Vatican’s relations with Mongolia’s two powerful neighbors, Russia and China, are again strained.

Pope Francis arrived in Mongolian capital Ulan Bator after crossing Chinese airspace. He also sent a greeting message to Chinese President Xi Jinping on the way. Vatican protocol requires the Pope to send such a greeting whenever he flies over a foreign country. He said in the message that he wishes the Chinese President and the people prosperity.

Pope Francis arrived in Mongolia and was received by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. He will meet with Mongolian President and Prime Minister. There are 1450 Catholics in this small country. In 1992, after the expulsion of the pro-Soviet communist regime, the Christian Church got the freedom to operate in the country.

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