Portable gaming is a reality

When thinking about gaming on a smartphone, there are several factors to consider, such as good screen resolution, large capacity to load a multitude of games, optimal performance, a powerful processor, long battery life, and, of course the price.

Smartphones designed for gaming are usually not very cheap, due to the high technology they require and in part also, because it is the boom to play on a device that is much more portable than the consoles that exist on the market today, in addition to being able to count with the functionalities of a modern cell phone. It becomes like an all in one. The great news of all this is that it is now possible to have one of these smartphones at a price more affordable; Its about POCO F4 GT.

The POCO F4 GT It was recently launched in Chile and has surprised its fans for being a true high-end, a novelty for POCO, which was characterized by offering mid-range devices. As for its price, it is somewhat higher than the previous models, precisely because of its complete technology, however, it is still affordable for most users.

The POCO F4 GT is captivating game lovers with its innovative levitating triggers and advanced 120Hz display, allowing you to fully hone your gaming style.

POCO F4 GT and Magnetic Triggers for pinpoint precision for gaming

To start the battle, we find the magnetic triggers on the side of the smartphone, which levitate to offer an unparalleled gaming experience on a gamer phone. At the same time, gamers will be able to experience more vibration ranges thanks to the CyberEngine, one of the best linear motors available on Android smartphones.

Best of all, the POCO F4 GT’s triggers will not only serve to deliver performance in long gaming sessions, but can also be used as a shortcut to activate the camera, screen recording or flashlight. In this way, a complete experience is offered for all types of users, both gamers and casual users.

Dazzling display to see it all


The display of the POCO F4 GT comes to life thanks to the latest imaging technologies, such as a 6.67-inch AMOLED panel with 10-bit TrueColor function, capable of displaying up to 1 billion colors. Similarly, it has HDR10 +, which is combined with the touch sampling rate of 480 Hz and the refresh rate of up to 120 Hz, offering true colors with up to 800 nits of maximum brightness.

The device also works to simultaneously maintain color accuracy in low-light environments, while using high-frequency PWM dimming to protect users’ eyes during long gaming sessions or content consumption.

For those who are thinking of renewing their smartphone, and have an inordinate passion for the world of video games, the POCO F4 GT is the ideal option.


Not only will they be able to have a smartphone that allows them to immerse themselves in the entertainment and adrenaline rush of games, but they will also be able to own a high-end cell phone with the latest technologies, such as LiquidCool 3.0, one of the most advanced cooling systems in the industry, along with the market’s flagship mobile processor, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.

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