Premier League: Incredible scene – game suspended due to drone! | Sports

What was happening there?

The game between Southampton and Aston Villa in the English Premier League suddenly had to be interrupted on Saturday afternoon.

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40. Minute: It’s 0-0. Suddenly, an aircraft appears in the sky.

It quickly becomes clear that it is a drone.

The referee then immediately interrupts the game and sends the puzzled players off the field.

A drone disrupts Aston Villa’s 1-0 win at Southampton FC


Reason: If a drone appears, the arm bells ring immediately. On the one hand, broadcasting games is illegal – i.e. forbidden. On the other hand, it can theoretically also be a threat.

Who is to blame for the drone disruption?

In the afternoon, YouTuber Alistair Law (25) “Ally Law” reported on Twitter, admitting that he controlled the drone.

He writes: “Today I tested my new drone over Southampton. Nice day for that.”

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Fortunately, nothing happened in the dangerous incident.

After a long break, the game resumed.

According to media reports, after the drone disruption, Aston Villa fans joined in a song, chanting, “Villa fans are chanting to the drone, ‘You just came to see Villa.’

Aston Villa strikes in the second round. The only goal of the day was scored by forward Ollie Watkins in the 77th minute.

That’s enough for an away win in Southampton, who remain in last place.

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