President Castillo says that they want to arrest his wife, but that they are not going to break him | International

The first lady of Peru, Lilia Paredes, is investigated for the alleged plagiarism of the thesis that she prepared to graduate with President Pedro Castillo. In this regard, the president pointed out that justice wants to “shackle her.”

the president of Peru, peter castlesaid this Sunday that they want to take and shackle his wife, Lilia Paredeswho was questioned as a witness in a preliminary investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office of an alleged corruption network in July.

“I know that they are going to take my wife, they want to shackle her and they want to shackle the rest of my family as well. They want to break meThey don’t know that we come from adversity, we come from below, from suffering,” Castillo declared at an act in Andahuaylas, a city in the south of the Andes.

The first lady has an investigation opened by the Office of the Prosecutor of the Nation for an alleged plagiarism of the thesis that he elaborated together with Castillo to obtain his master’s degree.

Paredes also testified in the Public Ministry on July 8 as a witness, in the framework of a possible case of corruption related to an alleged criminal network in the Ministry of Housing, in which his younger sister is allegedly involved. Yenifer Paredes.

“I will resist until the people tell me to resist, and that is why comrades they are not going to break us”the president reiterated this Sunday, after having repeated this idea in recent weeks in his public appearances.

Castillo also denounced that there are leaders who pose as people from the town, but who “come and go”, asked the public to help sanction them, and assured that no space has been given to these people in the Executive, nor in his name or that of his family.

Last Friday, Castillo also referred to the “attacks” against his family, and assured that his wife will respond to the investigations that the Public Ministry opened against her.

“Surely they want to mount a request to prevent my wife from leaving the country. I must tell you that she is willing in the next few hours to hand over her own passport to show that she is not going to leave the country at any time, and she has to submit, not only to Justice, but also to prove his innocence”said the president at an event at the Government Palace.

Castle’s sister-in-law, raised as a daughter by the presidential couple, He turned himself in to the Public Ministry on August 10, where he has been held for 10 days, when this institution requested his preliminary arrest, within the investigations into the aforementioned alleged criminal network of corruption in which he would be involved.

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