Presidential elections: How much does a vice president earn?

After the legislative elections that took place on March 13, in which Colombians elected the new members of the Senate of the Republic and the House of Representatives, next May 29 will be held the presidential election.

The candidates for the Presidency of the Republic announced their presidential ticket:

1. The League of Anti-Corruption Rulers
President: Rodolfo Hernandez.
Vice President: Marelen Castillo.

2. Free Fair Colombia
President: John Milton Rodriguez.
Vice President: Sandra de las Lajas Torres.

3. Team for Colombia
President: Fico Gutierrez.
Vice President: Rodrigo Lara.

4. Hope Center
President: Sergio Fajardo.
Vice President: Luis Gilberto Murillo.

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5. National Salvation Movement Party
President: Enrique Gómez Martínez.
Vice President: Carlos Cuartas Quiceno.

6. Historical Pact
President: Gustavo Petro.
Vice President: Francia Márquez Mina.

7. Colombia Think Big
President: Luis Perez.
Vice President: Ceferino Mosquera Murillo.

8. Oxygen Green Match
President: Ingrid Betancourt.
Vice President: José Luis Esparza.

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