“Prevent Bladder and Urinary Stones: Tips and Warnings from Nakornping Hospital”

2023-05-24 08:25:00

On May 24, 2023, reporters reported that the Facebook page @Nakornping Hospital Has posted a warning as a cautionary tale for people who don’t like to drink water and incontinence After finding one patient was taken and sent for urgent treatment When detected, there is a hard lump in the stomach area.

By writing a message stating that “A 74-year-old male patient came for examination at Nakornping Hospital. with lower abdominal pain Color-washed urine, intermittent, frequent urination, intermittent urination for several months X-ray examination revealed a very large bladder stone measuring 10.2×8.6 cm. In addition, the patient also has a large left kidney stone.”

“Urinary Surgeon Nakornping Hospital Therefore, surgery for bladder stones was removed. It was found that the stone weighed 707.6 grams. The surgery went well. Give more information that Currently, giant bladder stones. due to better access to treatment Therefore, patients tend to receive early treatment. Very large stones like this can still be found sometimes.”

stones in the urinary system It is a common disease each year. More than 50,000 Thai people suffer from urinary tract stones, about 5% of which are bladder stones. Disabled bladder from neurological disease, etc. Patients will have lower abdominal pain. Frequent urination, frequent urination, bloody urine and have a urinary tract infection If you have the following symptoms should come see a doctor for early examination and treatment

For ways to prevent yourself from getting gallstones, they are:
1. Drink a lot of water, drink until you have 2 liters of urine per day (except in the case of a disease that has contraindications to drinking a lot of water).
2. Reduce the consumption of foods that contain substances that cause gallstones such as
– Uric acid is found in meat, offal, vegetables, shrimp paste, alcohol.
– Oxalates are found in tea leaves, spinach, spinach, chocolate and should not take more than 2,000 mg of vitamin C/day.
3. Consume more foods that contain stone inhibitors such as
– Citrate is found in many fruits such as oranges, lemons.
– fiber-rich foods Helps inhibit the absorption of substances before gallstones.
4. Consume calcium in moderation with daily needs
5. Reduce salt, reduce carbohydrates, lose weight….

Thank you for the information and pictures: @ Nakhonping Hospital

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