Prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases by choosing lean pork: Expert’s advice

2023-11-08 05:00:43

[Reported by Tsai Ching-chien]Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as myocardial infarction and stroke are often among the top ten causes of death in Taiwan. Eating too much saturated fatty acids can lead to abnormal blood lipids (high cholesterol, excessive bad cholesterol, etc.) and cannot be ignored. Many people think negatively about this. The ingredient is pork. However, Japanese experts point out that not all pork is bad and recommend that the public eat “lean pork” (tenderloin, thigh meat, ham, etc.) rich in vitamin B1 to avoid eating too much saturated fatty acids.

Eating too much saturated fatty acids can cause arteriosclerosis!Doctor: Choose meat to avoid “white” parts to get extra points

Although cholesterol is an indispensable substance for the human body to make cell membranes, if the cholesterol is too high and there is too much bad cholesterol, it may accumulate on the blood vessel walls, causing arteriosclerosis and clogging of the blood vessels. If it occurs in the heart and brain, it may cause myocardial infarction and stroke; if it occurs in the fundus and kidneys, it may cause blindness and renal failure. In addition, it may also cause diseases such as high blood pressure, gallstones, pancreatitis, fatty liver, and dementia (cognition).

Therefore, if abnormal blood lipid values ​​(cholesterol, bad cholesterol, etc.) are found during a health check-up, you should not be careless. Daisaku Masuda, director of the Department of Cardiology at Rinku General Medical Center in Japan, pointed out that the substance that should be most concerned about is a type of fat called “saturated fatty acid”, which is the main culprit of increasing bad cholesterol in the blood. Many studies have found that as the intake of saturated fatty acids in the diet increases, bad cholesterol will increase.

Since saturated fatty acids are mostly found in the fat of meat, the food you should pay most attention to is “fatty meat”. Specifically, you should be careful with “meats with a lot of white fat visible to the naked eye”, including: pork belly, beef belly, bacon, chicken skin, large intestine, transverse mold and other parts. If you find “Wow, this meat” in your mouth, “So juicy and delicious” generally has more saturated fat.

Pork is rich in vitamin B1 and can actually increase immunity!Expert: Avoiding fatty areas is key

Although pork often gives people the impression that it has too much saturated fatty acids, as long as you choose the right part, you can eat it safely. Not only does it have less saturated fatty acids, it can even increase immunity. This is because pork is rich in vitamin B1. Dr. Daisaku Masuda explained that in recent years, studies at the University of Tokyo have found that insufficient vitamin B1 can cause the body’s immunity to deteriorate and the “Peyer’s patches” in the intestines to become smaller, making people more susceptible to illness. If you want to live a healthy and long life, it is important to efficiently consume foods rich in vitamin B1.

Among the many foods rich in vitamin B1, Japanese nutritionist Erika Kanemaru believes that pork is a good choice to eat every day. However, since the fat part of pork has less vitamin B1 and more saturated fatty acids, it is recommended that people choose tenderloin and thigh meat. Wait for parts with more red and lean meat.

Pork + garlic,

Pork +

Chinese chives,

Pork +

onion!Eat together to improve the absorption rate of vitamin B1

If you want to further improve the absorption rate of vitamin B1, visiting professors Jun Kunisawa and Erika Kanemaru of the Graduate School of Medicine at Kobe University in Japan suggest that you can stir-fry pork with garlic, leeks, onions and other ingredients, or make ham and onions into a salad. , Allicin can increase the absorption rate of vitamin B1 by as much as 10 times.

Other foods rich in vitamin B1 include: eel, brown rice, sesame, soybeans, peanuts, buckwheat, etc. People usually see these nutritious ingredients, so don’t miss them.

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