Preventing and Treating Dead Butt Syndrome: Combating the Effects of Prolonged Sitting for Office Workers

2023-09-26 03:33:59

A woman found out she had “dead butt syndrome” because she suffered from back pain and knee pain after sitting for 10 hours a day at work. (Image/unsplash)

Sitting for long periods of time can really make you sick! A 26-year-old woman from Zhejiang, mainland China, suddenly felt discomfort in her waist 2 months ago. She even felt uncomfortable when bending down to tie her shoelaces. She thought she was not exercising enough so she started exercising. However, her knees also became painful and she went to the acupuncture and massage department. After seeing a doctor, it was discovered that he might be suffering from “dead butt syndrome” due to sitting for more than 10 hours a day at work.

According to a report by the Chinese media “Jimu News”, acupuncture and massage doctor Xia Huanjuan mentioned that 26-year-old Xiao Dai (pseudonym) is on the fat side and is unmarried and has saggy buttocks. After questioning, she found out that Xiao Dai is an interior designer. A teacher, she works more than 10 hours a day, often works overtime, and spends more time sitting in a chair than sleeping. Therefore, it is inferred that she may be suffering from “dead butt syndrome.”

The report pointed out that “dead glute syndrome”, also known as “gluteal amnesia”, is a condition of gluteal muscle function loss, which may be related to long periods of sitting, incorrect posture, lumbar disc herniation, etc. Patients often feel Gluteal muscle soreness, numbness, and burning pain may cause weakness and limited movement of the lower limbs in severe cases. Especially for office workers who remain seated for long periods of time, the sciatic nerve may be compressed and cause this disease.

In addition, when the function of the gluteal muscles weakens, the muscles of the waist and knees will compensate, which means they have to share the work of the gluteal muscles. In the long run, it will cause pain in the lower back or knee joints. The “Beijing Youth Daily” also recommended several exercises for the buttock muscles, including squat jumps, side steps with elastic bands, side lunges, kettlebell squats, and side steps, etc., or do exercises on the buttocks. When you feel muscle pain, get up quickly and go for a walk or climb stairs quickly, which can effectively exercise the buttock muscles.

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