Preventing Prostatic Hypertrophy: Controllable Factors and Nutritional Tips

2023-06-03 03:22:43

Prostatic hypertrophy is a common disease in older men. What can be done to prevent it? (Schematic / Shutterstock)

Prostatic hypertrophy is a common disease in older men. What can be done to prevent it? In this regard, urologist Gao Minghong pointed out that prostatic hypertrophy is often related to uncontrollable factors such as age and family history, but daily life can still be prevented through 4 controllable factors, including avoiding holding back urine, taking medication carefully, and avoiding obesity And avoid excessive drinking, etc. Among them, people who like to eat meat and high-fat food are prone to hypertrophy of the prostate gland. In addition, nutritionist Chen Zongyu shared that taking in natural foods rich in zinc, selenium, and phytochemicals can also prevent prostate hypertrophy.

Physician Gao Minghong posted on his Facebook fan page that prostatic hypertrophy is also known as benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) or prostatic hypertrophy. The main reason is abnormal hyperplasia of the prostate gland, which causes problems of the urethra and bladder. The cause of prostate hypertrophy is often related to age and family history, which are uncontrollable factors. But some lifestyle and eating habits are related to prostate hypertrophy and even prostate cancer. He also shared 4 preventive health care methods:

1. Avoid holding back urine: Gao Minghong said that although holding back urine will not cause prostate hypertrophy, it will aggravate the symptoms of prostate hypertrophy and cause other problems.

2. Precautions when taking medication: Gao Minghong pointed out that drugs containing anti-acetylcholine or anti-histamine, such as cold medicine, motion sickness medicine, and allergy medicine, will inhibit bladder contraction.

3. Avoid excessive obesity: Gao Minghong reminds that people who love meat or are used to high-fat foods, especially obese people, have a higher rate of prostate hypertrophy or even prostate cancer than the average peer. Therefore, maintaining a healthy weight and exercising regularly can reduce your chances of developing prostate enlargement and other diseases.

4. Avoid excessive drinking: Gao Minghong said that drinking occasionally will not affect the prostate, but excessive drinking will stimulate the prostate.

Nutritionist Chen Zongyu mentioned on his Facebook page in the past, 3 nutritional suggestions for maintaining the prostate. The first is “mineral zinc”, which can inhibit and delay prostate hypertrophy. The ingredients include seafood, nuts, peanuts, animal liver, etc.; the other is “mineral selenium”, which can increase antioxidant power and reduce inflammation. Ingredients such as seafood , beef, nuts, etc.; and “phytochemicals”, such as lycopene, turmeric, etc., all have antioxidant effects, and can also prevent or treat prostate hyperplasia. Cranberry, pumpkin, etc. are also mentioned in the literature, which have the effect of preventing prostate hypertrophy.

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