Preventive prison for a man for stealing from a brewery in Viedma

2023-08-30 23:08:50

The Public Prosecutor’s Office charged a man for the robbery of the Al Paso brewery on August 23, located on Don Bosco street. The defendant was remanded in custody and there is another person who could not be identified.

As detailed by the public accusation at the hearing, the defendant along with another subject not yet identified by the police, “He entered the brewery and exhibiting a revolver-type firearm reduced the victim on the floor to steal cash from the cash register, a monitor with a CPU and a cell phone, among other items with which he fled.

The investigation led by the Prosecutor’s Office allowed the arrest of the defendant on Tuesday and they highlighted that the work of the Criminalistics areas and the Judicial Investigation Corps of the Río Negro Police was fundamental. They compared a fingerprint collected at the location and worked on the visualization of public and private cameras, allowing their identification.

The legal classification of the act is robbery aggravated by the use of a firearm. in accordance with articles 45 and 166 pto. 2 – 1st paragraph of the Criminal Code.

As a precautionary measure, the Prosecutor required the preventive detention of the man since experts remain to be carried out and the person who accompanied him in the event and the weapon used are being sought. To avoid hindering the ongoing preparatory criminal investigation, said precautionary measure was ordered.

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